How to Calculate your Car Payment

One of the most common discussions that we have with our customers is matching the right car to the desired budget. We’ve seen cars that cost less than 10k and cars that cost more than 60k, and thousands of cars that fall between that. Here are our best tips to calculate your car payment.

Calculate your Car Payment by Month

Many of our customers have a monthly payment amount in mind when they come to purchase their vehicle from CarXchange. Understanding what you can afford monthly is important because it will help our team guide you to the vehicle that fits both your budget and your needs.

Click Here to use our car loan calculator.

View Available Inventory Based on your Budget

Once you’ve calculated your max payment, you are able to shop our used inventory by price. This will allow you to view only the vehicles that are available within your specified budget.

Let Our Team Calculate the Car Payment for you

Understanding the car payment calculation process can be tricky. After all, if you are financing the vehicle, it’s nearly impossible to know what rate you will get without applying for used car financing.

Let our expert finance department at CarXchange work the numbers for you. We can:

  • Get you approved before you even come in.
  • Deliver you a hand-picked list of cars that match your budget.
  • Shorten the time spent at the dealership.

Our pre-owned auto dealership and finance team are committed to serving San Bernardino County residents. We make the car buying process hassle free and easy in our climate controlled indoor shopping environment.

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